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Graphic Novels

Graphic novels on Historical figures like Abe Lincoln. Lincoln is a 200 page black and white graphic novel on the early life of our sixteenth President of the United States. Also A graphic novel on the expedition of Lewis and Clark. Lewis and Clark: Jeffersons Expedition.

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Comic books series

Come into the fantasy based world of Native American folklore and mythology called Native American Legends and Tales of Myth and Lore. A comic series issue #1 and #2 on different stories. The main story Thunder is about a prehistoric hero called Thunder trying to stop the trickster Raven from destroying humanity.

Orville Evjen

Orville Evjen

Orville lives in North dakota and has had a love of art and comic books since he was very young. He describes himself as a fantasy artist but he is also a Christian writer and his interest are also towards history. He is currently working on new stories and graphic novel to share his love of art, history and fantasy. Orville is part Lakota and Norwegian. He grew up in South Dakota and did not grow up on the rez which was the Standing Rock reservation but got to know his great grandmother who did grow up there. She peaked his imagination by talking about ghost stories and Big foot sightings. 


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